Stoneyfield Farms – Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – Vanilla Fudge Swirl

Taking a stroll down the ice-cream isle at my local co-op (health food store) to pick out that special pint of ice-cream to satisfy my weekly craving, I stumbled across the Stoneyfield Farms products. I began looking at the various flavors but the one that stood out the most to me was not ice-cream, but their frozen yogurt. I saw Vanilla Fudge Swirl and immediately had a flash back from my child-hood when we use to have those small individual sized ice-cream cups with the paper lids that you peeled off and licked. The flavors from my childhood were either Neapolitan or Vanilla Fudge Swirl (my favorite). With that being so, I grabbed the Vanilla Fudge Swirl and proceeded to the check-out line.

Yes Bad Picture Quality (next time will be better)

My first impressions after opening the container was that it looked like it was going to be a strong disappointing pint of froyo, due to the lack of fudge swirls. But not wanting to give up hope yet, I took my fork and proceeded the initial taste test. After about 3 fork-fulls of froyo (yes I said fork) I had hardly hit any fudge. The texture of the vanilla froyo was extremely good however. Their was no icy or gritty texture you find with some non-fat frozen deserts. This had an creamy texture to it, which was pleasantly surprising coming from a nonfat froyo. The only thing missing now was the fudge swirls i eagerly wanted to get to, and thus, after 2 more fork-fulls…they appeared.

Their they are!

After they appeared, they just preceded to get larger and larger the further I dug into the pint of froyo. The fudge was just that, fudge. It tasted great with a rich chocolate taste, almost a combination between milk and dark chocolate but in a very good way.

The facts

When looking at it from a nutritional/health point of view, this product gets an A in that department. Coming in at only 116 calories per serving (85g), and 464 calories per pint (4 servings per pint) it is a fairly light option compared to the majority of ice-creams that are out their stacking in at over 1000 calories per pint of ice-cream. It also uses compleltely organic ingredients giving it another plus in the right direction.
So, summing up this drawn out and rambling review, I really enjoyed Stoneyfield Farms – Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – Vanilla Fudge Swirl, and will not hesitate to pick it up once again to relive that child-hood memory of eating those little individual ice-cream cups at birthday parties.
Overall Rating : A-

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