Talenti – Gelato – Meditteranean Mint

Mint has to be one of my all time favorites for any type of food related product. From cookies, chocolate, ice-cream, etc. So passing by Talenti’s Mediterranean Mint was not an option for me.

It’s Green!

. I am always somewhat hesitant to buy a Mint Flavored ice-cream or gelato due to the fact they typically utilize peppermint and It is not my favorite out of 100’s of mint flavors out there (I prefer spearmint the best). However, not knowing if this was peppermint based or some other form of mint due to the ingredients listed only as fresh mint, I took my chances.

The first spoonful

The first scoop of the gelato was just loaded with mint flavor. It provided a refreshing feeling and had the coolness aftertaste that you typically achieve after having something flavored with mint.  The texture of the gelato paired so incredibly well with the bursting amount of mint flavor. Along with it was all complemented nicely witch flakes/chunks of bittersweet chocolate that was throughout. The chocolate was not over-powering as well. You got just the right amount of bitterness so that the mint was not overwhelming on the palate. Along with compared to Talenti’s – Chocolate PB Cup, it had an abundant amount of bittersweet chocolate flakes/chunks in it (unlike the lacking of PB cups in the Chocolate PB Cup gelato).


Nutritionally speaking, ingredients are on point once again – utilizing only 10 ingredients total. Along with the sources of ingredients always are top of the line as well.

“See Mom, it’s good for you….It’s got milk in it!”

Calorically – this pint of ice-cream will still run you a good chunk of calories (at 824 calories for the entire thing), but it is a lot less belt busting then the Chocolate PB Cup.

Nutritional Facts

Out of all the store-bought mint based ice-creams / gelatos that I have had currently to date; this would have to be one of the best. One reason being the fact that it probably has come closest to my all time favorite ice-cream from Dairy Queen , which is just a Mint Blizzard w/Oreos. Not only that, but also due to the fact that it was just an overall extremely well constructed gelato and the flavor of mint was amazing. Along with they actually made the gelato green! I hate when the makers make mint flavored ice-cream/gelato white….(suppose to be green in my opinon).



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