Talenti – Gelato – Caramel Cookie Crunch

Dulce de Leche Caramel…. “check”. Chocolate…. “check”. Cookies…. “check”. All tossed into a vanilla based gelato…. “price-less”. Talenti has delivered once again with their Caramel Cookie Crunch. This gelato was beyond succulent and the amount of flavor that was packed into this tiny jar of pure indulgence was almost too much for words alone.

Oh hello amazingness

The Vanilla base gelato was spot on and complemented the richness of the Dulce de Leche Caramel, paired with the chocolate swirls. The Dulce de Leche didn’t overpower either of the other two flavors in the gelato as well, which might be suspected due to the bold flavor of Caramel. Especially with the amount of Caramel throughout it.


The Chocolate Cookies had to be one of the best “cookie” additions to a ice-cream or gelato that I have found. They actually had a flavor behind them and weren’t just a bland and chewy thing shoved into the ice-cream or gelato that you typically find in others.

As I dug deeper and deeper into the pint; the amount of Dulce de Leche swirls were increasing in numbers and the mere sight of all of it had my mouthwatering.

My only complaint for this entire pint would have to be back to the Cookie Pieces (and this just being a small little niche). I would have liked to see the cookie pieces to be a tad larger, just due to the fact that the first few bites of this gelato, I thought they had added chocolate chips into the batch as well, due to how tiny most of the cookie pieces were. Along with it might have been a tad better with the addition of actual cookie dough…

Turning the container around and scanning the nutrition labels. Ingredients are once again at a minimum.

Calorically speaking; it’s something you might not want to eat on a daily bases, just due to the fact of the high calories contained in the entire pint. However, if you don’t have a limited caloric expenditure, then by all means demolish one of these on daily bases because it’s good.

Overall Rating: A- (9.0 / 10.0)

Would Purchase Again?: Yes, yes I would. 


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