Starbucks – Ice Cream – Java Chip Frappuccino

Being a fan of Starbucks Coffee and living so close to Seattle (where Starbucks got started), I decided to give one of the Starbucks Ice-cream’s a go. First one that caught my eye was Starbucks – Java Chip Frappuccino.

Starbucks – Java Chip Frappuccino

Coffee based ice-creams’ have always been a hit or miss with me. Some go a little overboard on the coffee and do not do a very good job at masking the bitterness that comes with the overpowering coffee flavor if the concentration is to high. This was unfortunately the case with this particular pint.

The amount of coffee that was in this ice-cream overpowered any sweetness that was in it, leaving a bitter coffee aftertaste in your mouth after each spoonful. It tasted like a lukewarm dark roast cup of black coffee, which is the temperature that in my opinion is the worst for straight black coffee. I love either really hot black coffee or ice cold black coffee. Coffee that is at room temperature or that lukewarm temperature absolutely destroys my palate and the flavor is almost unbearable.

The chocolaty chunks, along with the smooth consistency of the ice-cream were the only positives that I saw in this entire thing. There were plenty of chocolate chunks throughout the pint. The velvety smooth consistency became better and better as the ice-cream became warmer the longer it was out.

Nutritionally; it’s roughly the same calorically as a pint of Talenti, but not quite as much as a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Reason being so high in caloric value is due to the fat content. The thing it lacks in is the sugar content; which might have been the downfall of this).

Final thoughts; not the greatest flavor wise…the texture of the ice-cream was what helped this pint of ice-cream not getting a complete Failure.

Overall Rating: D+ ( 6.7 / 10 )

Would I Purchase Again: Yahhhh no.


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