Ciao Bella – Gelato – Belgian Chocolate S’mores

Oh Hai There………yes I have been M.I.A. for a bit and left on a not so happy note with my last review but I have come back, this time with multiple reviews in the works – but I will begin this journey with a Gelato that caught my eye as I wondered the ice-cream isle. I’ve seen Ciao Bella’s Gelato in multiple stores local to me – but have been very cautious of grabbing one due to the price – along with the fact every single pint had about a 1/2 inch thick of ice on the cartons….(indicating that no one really likes them and they have been there for a bit…). However it finally went on sale – so I was like – “Meh, why not…”

I would soon learn to regret this decision.

Ciao Bella – Gelato – Belgian Chocolate S’mores

There were multiple flavors staring me in the face of this particular brand, but the one that stood out to me the most was the Belgian Chocolate S’mores flavor, due to my recent chocolate binge (reviews later to come), I had fallen in love with a S’mores version of a chocolate bar. Now taking on a new gelato brand and have had Talenti in the past – it is hard not to compare everything to it. So I will begin with the texture – which is basically perfect in Talenti’s Gelato.

Little bit of freezer burn indications with the ice – but doesn’t look completely screwed

Overall texture would receive a complete F in my books and was one of the most freezer burnt frozen treats I think I have ever tasted. Trying to get past how extremely hard this Gelato was, I went to something I thought I would never had done to a ice-cream/gelato….the microwave. I nuked it for about ~10sec to see if I could somehow manage to get a scoop out of it; yet I failed again. After letting it thaw a little more on the counter-top I attempted to see what the texture was like then – which it was still icy and did not have any of the smoothness or richness you would expect from a Gelato.

I was wrong…. 😦

I finally had it with trying to fight to get a decent sized scoop out of the pint to where I could get to some of the mix-ins and decided to cut a 1/4 chunk out of it to see what it look like further into this solid brick of hell.

Trying to taste each aspect of the gelato – I tried my best to get a scoop of the marshmallow swirls along with some of the chocolate chunks. The marshmallow was very subtle in its existence in this pint and without knowing that it was actually suppose to be in the pint, I would imagine you wouldn’t even really acquire a decent taste of it.

The chocolate chunks were bitter – and tasted like a very old chocolate bar that someone had ruined shoving it into the fridge to store.

The base of the gelato which is suppose to be a Belgian chocolate had no outstanding things to say about it. It almost tasted like a water downed hot chocolate.

Creamy and Decadent my ass it is….

You’d think that with the given nutrition facts and it begin loaded with sugar and fat that you would get something good out of this guy – however it was a complete epic fail in my books. I’m not sure exactly if it was just due to the mere fact that it was potentially freezer burned and that is what sent this guy to the grave – but if they are all like this – then I highly recommend staying away from this brand.

Heck – I didn’t even finish this pint because I got so worked up into trying to actually get the gelato out of the pint, and this was one time I did not feel heart broken throwing food away.

Overall Rating : F- (0.5/10)

Purchase Again: Only if I can find a pint that does not look like it has been sitting their since the land before time and has gone through multiple ice-ages….


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