WOW – Wheat & Gluten Free Cookies – Ginger Molasses

Growing up, some of my most cherished memories were spent with my mother and cousin. We did a lot together prior to starting my academic career (pre-school) and would often travel to the local mall and spend our days there. Getting freshly made pretzels from a local bakery (that no longer exists….), but most importantly grabbing those gigantic cookies from the Starbucks on the way out – situated just perfectly so you couldn’t miss them.

My favorite – was a toss up between the white cookie with pink frosting and their molasses cookie.

Loving molasses cookies and always intrigued by new food products on the market I decided to take a closer look at these WOW cookies, especially with the gluten free craze going on…

Taking the cookie off the shelf in their individual wrappers, I immediately knew that this wasn’t going to be that typical dry, stale and unflavored piece of chewy card-board from your typical gluten free product (*for anyone that thinks otherwise – please fill free to leave a comment and elaborate on what store-bought products you have found that still taste decent). I just detest that not many (not saying ALL) gluten free products can never match up to the regular recipe.

After opening the package – you get an extreme flavor rush of the amazing aroma that is let off by the molasses with a hint of maple and ginger behind it. The top of the cookie was perfectly coated with the granulated sugar I owe so remembered from the Starbucks cookies.

Braking it in half was even better. It pulled apart so moist yet still felt like you would get that bit of chew from your typical ginger molasses cookie and after tasting it….my eyes lit up like a light-bulb on crack.

Rich, decadent, moist and smooth and not a single indication that it was a Gluten Free Product. If someone were to come up to you and give you this cookie without saying it was gluten free – you would believe them.

Compared to an average gluten free cookie that I’ve seen on the market that has an abundent amount of fat in them – this cookie actually ranks pretty well in that department and only has 16g per cookie. Not bad when you typically see 30g+.

Knowing that they have a lot more varieties of cookies – I will be on the hunt from here on out to test all of them, because this was amazing and after I took the pictures – this cookie was gone in less then 60 seconds.


Purchase Again: Hell Yes I would.


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