Seattle Chocolates – Chocolate Truffle Bars – Campers’ S’mores

Chocolate – I will confess that I am indeed a chocoholic and will always try something once if it involves chocolate. Growing up – I love the plain Milk Chocolate Hershey Bars (without nuts) and would strictly go for only that during my Halloween outings.

Loving chocolate and chocolate bars for that fact, I decided to start dabbling into the more refined chocolate bars on the market. Knowing that Seattle always produces exquisite food – I stumbled upon a Chocolate bar at a local shop that was produced out of Seattle. First, this is no ordinary chocolate bar – these were truffle chocolate bars……that fact alone I knew I was in for a pleasant surprise.

There were multiple choices – from a pure Milk or Dark Chocolate Truffle bar – to the more exotic flavors such as Birthday Cake, Campers’ S’mores, and Lemon Ice. I decided to test out the Campers’ S’mores for my first introduction to Seattle Chocolates line.

Looking at the unique packing for the truffle bar made me think of moments when I use to sit around the camp fire with friends and family and make abundant amount of s’mores from graham crackers, jumbo marshmallows and hershey’s chocolate. My cousins and I were quite the little pyros and would tend to catch more marshmallows on fire by-accident then we would cooking them for consumption.

After fantasying for a good bit; I proceeded to unwrap the truffle bar oh so gently, feeling as if I were to rush it I would lose that pure bliss that I was thinking I was about to experience by consuming it.

Upon first inspection; it looked like any other typical chocolate bar; however the robust smell of the chocolate was overwhelming and made me begin to jump up and down with joy.

I then proceeded to brake off 1/4 of the bar and then further down to a 1/8 chunk to see what the inside of the truffle bar looked like. I was astonished at the size of the graham crackers I saw along with how they utilized actual mini-marshmallows instead of some fake paste that most companies utilize when adding marshmallow into their products.

I slowly took a bite and savored every moment of it. The chocolate alone was enough to achieve an amazing review – but the mix-ins put it up a notch. The chocolate was smooth, yet so rich that it resembled any of the greatest truffles you have ever tasted. The marshmallows were extraordinary in how they actually tasted fresh and were notdry pieces of stale sponge. The graham crackers were another amazing addition – with a slight cinnamon and sugar taste and still had a crunch (no card-board taste here).

This chocolate truffle bar has risen the bar for my expectations for chocolate now – I will no longer settle for crap chocolate, but will begin to look out for more decadent and elegant chocolates from here on out. I am egre to test out the rest of the Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bar Line.

The ingredients in the bar are exceptional as well, utilizing just enough and not adding in anything that shouldn’t be their.


Purchase Again: Yes, but I am really looking forward to the other products that Seattle Chocolates produces and will be trying ALL of their chocolates.


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