Seattle Chocolates – Chocolate Truffle Bars – Birthday Cake Batter

Birthday party’s are always fun to celebrate – unless you are getting to that age where you start to dread every single birthday because you know it just leads to you getting older and the end getting closer.

The bright colorful packaging is what drew me to this next chocolate bar from Seattle Chocolates and the colorfulness on the wrapper was only the start of it. Prior to opening it up and going at the chocolate bar myself I went to Seattle Chocolates website to see the full description of the bar – “Birthday cake mix center with colorful confetti pieces enrobed in milk chocolate. Tastes like birthday wishes. Flavor notes: yellow cake, vanilla frosting with a hint of sweetness and surprising bursts of color.”

When I read that it was basically a layer of confetti cake between their iconic truffle bar….I couldn’t wait to rip open the bar myself and start eating it.

Upon first inspection; their was no indication of the cake; however once I finally broke off one rectangle off I saw the gold and lush colors of the cake layered right smack in the middle of the louchest and decadent truffle bar.

After taking my first bite I instantly tasted the cake which was met then with the smooth milk chocolate from the bar itself. My tastebuds were welcomed with a nice burst of freshness from the confetti sprinkles that you could see within the cake.

Even though it seems as though a chocolate truffle bar would make the perfect topping melted all over a freshly baked confetti cake – the layer of cake was almost to sugary and overpowered the bar. Not sure if it could have been the addition of the vanilla frosting that is claimed to be in their, but since it was a milk chocolate truffle bar that already had a good deal of sugar in it compared to its counter-part the dark chocolate truffle bar – the two acted like a gigantic sugar rush that would send you into a gigantic sugar-coma if you consumed this bar to quickly.

I only ended up consuming 1/2 of it prior to parting ways with it to my fellow friends – whom also claimed the exact same review I did after eating it.

OVERALL RATING : C- (6.9/10)

Purchase Again: More then likely no – unless I’m really craving sugar – but will more then likely not be picking this guy up again and hopefully next summer Seattle Chocolates can tweak this to make them complement each other better.


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