Komforte Chockolates – Tortilla Lime + Salt

On a recent REI stop to restock on some CLIF bars for running, I ended up walking out with one of these instead…and I am glad I did.

One of my favorite types of cuisines would be Mexican Food and when it comes to chips (both frites and american style) I can’t get enough of them.

Also after doing a little google search on the company of the chocolate bar, I came to find that they are connected to Seattles Chocolates and if you’ve read my other reviews regarding the Chocolate Truffle bars that Seattles Chocolates produce, you know that this is going to be good. The chocolate bar’s decal and shape mimicked a Seattles Chocolate bar identically in every way and the quality of chocolate was just as extraordinary.

The texture was smooth and extremely creamy. It  began to melt in my mouth even prior to the first chew. My tastebuds were already screaming with joy from just the chocolate alone, but after they got a flavor blast from the acidity of the lime and the crunch of the tortilla chips, I thought I had died and went to heaven.


This was a perfect pairing of sweet and savory, and the abundant amount of chips throughout the bar sent my tastebuds through the roof. Each bite contained just the right amount of crunch. The lime and sea salt paired well with the robust  and decadent flavor of the chocolate.

Now I am an extreme fan of acidic flavor and would recommend that people stay clear of this bar if they tend to pucker up easily and are not a fan of pickled or acidic food. That is the only downside to the bar alone that I can think of; the other being the fact that it is a pretty steep price at 3.50$/bar.

After having this bar jump its way into my second favorite chocolate bar of all time – I will be on the hunt for all of the flavors that Komforte Chockolates makes.

OVERALL RATING : A- (9.1/10)

Purchase Again: Already have……..


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