Alter Eco – Organic Chocolate – Dark Quinoa

Nestle Crunch Bar  anyone? I couldn’t help myself but to purchase this interesting cardboard encased chocolate up at my local Food Coop the other day, seeing that it was on sale (including Alter Eco’s other chocolates).

Alter Eco - Chocolate

Alter Eco – Chocolate

My first thoughts were; “So they are trying to mimic a Nestle Crunch Bar, but direct it towards the health crowd because they are using Quinoa…….well this is either going to be good, or possibly fall flat.”

So, I made the ~$2.00 purchase (maybe ~$3.00, cannot remember for the life of me; editors note: finals at the University have my mind on overdrive!) and took the gamble.



First bite was filled with a sub-par dark chocolate (%60), with only a few crispy’s (in this case Quinoa crispy’s vs. Rice crispy’s in Nestle version). The chocolate was to dark for the actual mix-ins. You needed the smooth, rich and creamy texture of a milk chocolate base to accommodate the crisp crunch of the quinoa crispy’s within the bar. But, since it was such a high % of dark chocolate, along with it tasted somewhat dry, as if it had been transferred from a freezer to room temperature multiple times.

The Breakdown

The Breakdown

I ate half the bar, to see if the texture and taste would grow on me; however it did not. Being my first experience with my brand, I may be a little hesitant when it comes to future purchases, but if they are on sale, I may take another gamble on a different flavor in the near future.


Purchase Again: No.


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