Justin’s – Peanut Butter Cups – Milk Chocolate

When one acquires a peanut butter cup, it’s hard not to compare it to the one and only original. Reese’s has been around since the dawn of time, and Hershey’s has continued to deliver on these mass-produced wonders of peanut butter and chocolate. Always looking to try something new, I’ve known about Justin’s Nut Butter line for quite some time now, and finally decided to take a stab at their candy.

photo (3)

Justin’s PB cups come in both milk and dark versions. I opted for the milk in hopes that the smooth and creamy texture of the milk chocolate base would accompany the rich peanut butter filling. However, that was not the case when I “snapped” one of the cups in half to view the innards. It was a solidified piece of chocolate, even after sitting at room temperature, in a 70+ degree Fahrenheit apartment all day.

photo (4)

If you are familiar with the texture of the Reese’s version, you more than likely know that the chocolate is so soft, it almost begins (and does) melt in your fingers even prior to taking an initial bite. The peanut butter in the this particular cup was also more solidified then its original counterpart.

photo (5)

Now to the flavor; both the peanut butter and chocolate were identifiable from each other. The peanut butter’s consistency and texture was identical to what happens to the end portion of natural peanut butter (the kind you stir the oil yourself), when one does not mix it thoroughly; thus, the end is a bit chalky (due to the lack of oil).

photo (2)

The chocolate was fairly good, but nothing to get excited about. Just picture a very solid piece of milk chocolate, that didn’t have any robust flavor.


Nutritionally speaking, for two of Justin’s peanut butter cups, they have 6-grams less carbohydrates (24 calories), 1-gram less of protein (4 calories) and 1 additional gram of fat (9 calories) compared to two Reese’s Cups. So they are almost identical in terms of overall calories, with slightly different macro-nutrient profiles.


Purchase Again: Sure, when they go on sale, or I am looking for a more solidified version of a Reese’s at the time.


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