Toblerone – Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat

Well….it’s been quite awhile, almost 1 year since I have looked at my blog. A lot of things have happened and changed in my life since my last post. I graduated college, applied to grad school (still waiting to hear back), scored some epic internships, and made a lot of new friends. But one thing hasn’t changed, my love for chocolate.

I figured the best way to come back would be to start with where I left off, with the unique triangle shaped chocolate bar, Toblerone.

Tolberone - Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat

Toblerone – Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat

As you all know, I was a fan of the last Toblerone chocolate bar that I sank my teeth into. Thus, I couldn’t wait to see what this version had in store for me. This chocolate bar was identical to the last Toblerone I had in every way, minus the Caramelized Salted Almonds. Which is somewhat of a disappointment for myself, because the added crunchy texture that was produced by the Almonds sent this chocolate bar over the top. Luckily, you still have a crunch element to the bar with the Nougat.

The Bar

The Bar

Lacking the added sugar from the Caramelization of the Almonds, made this bar a little less sweat. Which can be a benefit do to the high sugar content already from the Milk Chocolate.

$$$ Shot

$$$ Shot.

I have yet to try the Dark or White versions, but can tell that I will more then likely enjoy them. Maybe not so much the white chocolate (not a fan of the taste and  it’s technically not “chocolate”) though. I wish they had a Dark version with the addition of the Caramelized Salted Almonds, which would be a 10/10 in my books.

None the less, to the review…


PURCHASE AGAIN: Probably Not. Like I said, still a great chocolate bar overall, good quality chocolate. But since it lacks the Caramelized Salted Almonds, it gets docked a few grades.


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