Bogg’s Trail Butter – Expedition Espresso

Nut butter gone rouge. Is basically how I can sum up the flavor profile of the new nut butter lines’, from Bogg’s Trail Butter. I was lucky enough to snag a sample of one of their trail butters (cannot remember which one) at a very competitive local ultra trail race, the Chuckanut 50km, just last month.


Ever since then, I have wanted to test out the rest of their products.

Just recently, a local running store, Fairhaven Runners, started stalking the Portland, Oregon grown nut butter line. Thus, I could not wait to stop in and grab a few. Luckily, the running store gracefully gave me two samples of both the Expedition Espresso & the Ozark Original; giving me the perfect opportunity to indulge on some delicious nut butters, and also critically analyze it. Because, who doesn’t like to tare apart and pick at their food, while thinking about what makes it epic, or what makes it fall flat?

photo 2

Being a bit of a caffeine addict…I had to test out the Expedition Espresso first. The sound of 3 different nut’s, in combination with dark chocolate and coffee, sound amazing on paper; but does it hold up in the actual product? To answer this, I will bluntly say yes; and it works very, very well.

The Base

By not going with one specific nut for the overall base, you get subtle notes of each different one – which gives the nut butter a unique texture. You get the robust flavor profile of the hazelnuts, in combination with the smooth and creamy peanut texture. Then, you get the slight grainy texture you would expect from a raw almond butter. This provides your’ taste buds with an explosive combo and sends them for a tongue twister.

photo 1photo 4The Chocolate + Espresso Combo

Chocolate alone is amazing, combine that with coffee and you enhance the flavor by almost 9000 (DBZ reference…). Dark chocolate in general, has notes of bitterness, fruitiness and an additional spicy kick. Coffee, is the exact same way. When you combine the subtle grains of a roasted coffee bean, with the smooth and bitter texture of dark chocolate; you get a combo that cannot fail. Pair this with a nut butter…and you are creating gods food. Heaven on earth (or mouth in this scenario).

photo 5

Nutritional Profile

Each serving (31g or 2-tbsp) is jammed packed with “all natural, slow-burning energy” (Trail Butter) of pure awesomeness. Containing 15-grams of Fat, 8-grams of Carbohydrates, and 5-g Protein. Which is what you typically find in the nutritional profile for a variety of Nut Butters on the market.


Like most of the other “healthy” and “all-natural” nut butters on the market, Bogg’s Trail Butter comes with a bit a of a steeper price tag. For the 4.5oz pouch I received, it retails at a whopping $6.50. But, I would like to advocate you pay for the quality of product you want, and this price tag is very justifiable with this nut butter.

Overall Impressions

Nut butter on crack. Is basically my overall review of this product. It is amazing in all aspects. I have tried it by the spoonful, on a pop-tart (note: put this on a Trader Joe’s toasted cherry-pomegranate pop-tart, and tastes like a PB&J sandwich on roids…), boiled/steamed potatoes and even on POPchips. This product is awesome for everyday use, but it is going to be a routine staple in my daily training life. Being a trail runner who favors very long distances, I love consuming higher fat foods prior to runs. Thus, once I test this out on a training run, I will do another review on it, to see how it holds over in my stomach.

OVERALL RATING: A- (the minus comes from the price $$ tag)

PURCHASE AGAIN: Of course I will.


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