Muscle Pharm – Arnold Series – Arnold Iron Pack

Special Note To Readers: Because I love nutrition, exercise science and performance enhancing supplements (PES)…[the ‘legal’ ones that is]…I decided to go out on a limb today and will be starting to incorporate supplement reviews into this blog. Addtionally, I might start up a exercise science blog, where I take peer reviewed articles and defcifer them for the general public. Similar to things you have seen by epically renowned, Alan Aragon. Which I highly advocate everyone check out. Other extremely knowledgable individuals in the world of exercise science that I want to mention off the top of my head are Brad Schoenfeld, The Glute Guy [Bret Contreras], Bryce Lewis over at The Strength Athlete, Suppversity, and lastly Examine.

Now onto the supplement review…

First off, just wanted to say thank you to MusclePharm for allowing me to try their new Arnold Series, via their giveaway […hp?t=161357783]. It’s always awesome to be able to test high quality products out before an initial purchase.

Disclaimer – I have been utilizing this product for the past 3 weeks.

Multi-vitamins can be tricky, especially when you are trying to find the greatest micronutrient profile for the cheapest price; and everyone can vouch, that GOOD multi-vitamins are not cheap. Additionally, when one starts out trying to find this perfect multi-vitamin, one’s brain can begin to hurt because of the amount of selection one has. I know when I started looking, I had lists of multi-vitamins, comparing each and every vitamin and mineral within it; and still had a hard time finally making a purchase. Thus, I am here to hopefully take a little stress off your life and direct you to one of the best (and newest) multi-vitamins on the market, The Arnold Iron Pack.

So first off, I want to mention that my previous multi-vitamin was from Controlled Labs, Orange Triad. Which, I must say, is one hell of a multi-vitamin and to be quite honest, rivals Arnold’s Iron Pack in every way. But, there are a few reasons why I prefer Arnold’s series a bit more over Orange Triad, which will be pointed out through the review. To make navigating a bit easier, I’m going to cluster the review in the following three categories…(1) Overall Multi Profile; (3) Convenience and (3) Price.

(1) Overall Multi Profile

What can I say, minus the fact that this multi-vitamin does not have Vitamin D3, my one and only complaint with the multi, this pack is amazing. Not only do you get a mega boost of vitamins and minerals, but additionally you acquire a mega dose of highly potent micronutrients (via the Super foods complex), a healthy dose of EPA/DHA (via the fish oil), joint support, and a nitric oxide (NO) producing performance blend (via the nitrate-nitrites pathway within the BCAA Nitrates). If that’s not enough already, they throw in an extra cognitive support via CDP-Choline, Vinpocetine, Panax Ginseng and Ginko Biloba!

The kicker is the actual pill colors. Love the color choice (I know, it has no real effect on the actual Multi). Each time I am about to take the red and blue pills, I can’t help but think of Morpheus and entering the Matrix and acquiring Neo’s powers…haha

(2) Convenience

Each serving comes in a little individual baggy. Which is super convenient when you forget to portion them out the day before – or you are going off to an extended stay and don’t want to take a gigantic bottle with you.

(3) Price
Like I mentioned previously, multi-vitamins aren’t cheap, and Arnold’s Iron Pack comes in at a whopping $38.78 for a 30 day serving. Compare that to my previous multi, Orange Triad at $29.39 for a 45 day serving. But I can guarantee that your money will be well spent with this complex from MusclePharm.

Final Thoughts
One word, epic. Very well done on the new series MusclePharm. I have been a big fan of your Combat Powder, Creatine, and Casein; and now I can add one more MP product to my arsenal, the Arnold IronPack.

One last final note – Thanks once again MusclePharm! You guys are awesome and I appreciate this opportunity!


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