Why Blog?

Along with my love and passion for running around in the mountains like a chicken with his head cut off, I adore food. I love being able to experiment, learn and cook different types of cuisines on a daily bases; feeling like a mad scientist each time I put on my black apron. My mind, and stomach, are bottomless pits of pure imagination; which are constructed into elegant and exquisite dishes. This love for cooking also translates to my passion to taste everything and anything new. Being a hyper-critical individual, I love speaking my mind and opinions. Wanting to share these journeys I experience through food, not only with my local acquaintances, but with the world; I turned to the world of blogging. By sharing my thoughts with the world, will allow me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t otherwise. To be connected to a larger population, and hopefully connect in some way. I will have hundreds of reviews to come, some that are flawless without a single error, but there is always a potential for a hiccup along the way. So I in encourage you to sit back, relax, and try not to drool all over you keyboard from the photographs soon to come.

Common Questions Asked By Viewers:

Q1: Why on earth would you join the billions of other people that blog about food?

Simply because I’m a secret foodie at heart.

Q2: What type of food products will you be reviewing?

For the majority part, I will be doing product reviews (ice-cream, cereal brands, store bought products, etc.), but will have the occasional restaurant reviews. I’m just more of a fan being able to buy a product, bring it home, and really look and analyze it versus going to out to a restaurant (more or less I just like to play with and pick at my food).


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